3 Days Intensive Marriage

Here at Hope for Life Counseling our intensive consist of just you, your spouse and I working together for 3 days to find out what is broken how to fix it. We approach helping your marriage heal from a biblical perspective which insures that our solutions work. You will be working with Steve Leavitt who has been doing biblical marriage counseling for 30 yrs.

He has a masters in biblical counseling from Dallas Theological seminary, teaches marriage retreats and is a published author. We will work through the hurts and find the hope in what God designed your marriage to be. You will learn tools in areas like conflict resolution, how to fight clean, putting your spouses needs above your own, how to keep God at the center of your marriage, how to build trust in the marriage, how to validate your mates feelings, how to forgive, how to live as one, how to parent together, how to restore the broken bedroom, how build romance and how to live joyfully together for the rest of your life.

We will spend a total of 6 2.5-3 hour sessions together. Some in the counseling office and some outdoors doing experiential therapy.(learning while we play) whether you are both strong believers or new Christians or are not even saved, we will show you the hope God has for you. You are welcome to give me a call and discuss whether this is right for you or not but our experience say’s that God’s way works.

Keep on Keeping on,

Steve Leavitt


Hope for Life Ministry

1619 E. Common St.
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