50 Tips for Parents

  1. Parents, help each other and work together.
  2. Each child is unique and needs different training methods.
  3. Don’t let your child split mom and dad. (Ask one if the other say’s no.)
  4. Share with them what God thinks about their actions good or bad. Understand the difference of discipline vs. punishment. Punish the action, but discipline the child.
  5. Reward vs. pacifier (Rewards are good. Giving them something to shut them up is not). Short-term rewards are more effective that long term rewards.
  6. A child’s actions usually reflect what they have been taught. (Whining and fits usually get more response than soft requests.)
  7. Parents need to be able to say; “I am sorry, I was wrong.”
  8. When children say, “I’m sorry” or “forgive me,” learn to reply “your forgiven” not “it’s OK.”
  9. Be consistent with love, rules, discipline and punishment.
  10. Love them enough to discipline them.
  11. It is always easier to ignore than to address.
  12. Make your children wait and not interrupt you.
  13. Give more yes’s than no’s.
  14. Don’t criticize your children, especially in front of others.
  15. Meet their love language needs. (touch, quality time, acts of service, gift giving, affirmations)
  16. Try to identify what they are really saying, not what they are screaming.
  17. Speak truth. Don’t make up lies to soften issues.
  18. Too much TV or computer games equal brain cloud (grumpy, sassy, etc.).
  19. Be forgiving.
  20. Be gracious.
  21. Play with them.
  22. Hold them.
  23. Your teenage daughter will get love from some man, somehow. Let it be dad for now.
  24. Take you kids on dates.
  25. Boys need their dad’s time.
  26. Girls need their dad’s time.
  27. Don’t over-pressure for performance. You will create a perfectionist, pretender, or a sloth.
  28. The first few years are critical for bonding. Many life long traits are formed here.
  29. Never Never Never Never raise your voice in anger to your child.
  30. Give your child quality time.
  31. Stop, look and listen to your child.
  32. First time obedience is a must. Teach them this concept.
  33. Yes is yes and no is no.
  34. Never argue with your child.
  35. Allow your child a voice and an appeal, but not an argument.
  36. Dads, do not let your sons speak disrespectful to their mother!
  37. Place your child’s need above your own. Don’t be selfish with them.
  38. Take appropriate time for yourself. Set boundaries.
  39. Your spouse comes first, then the children (Don’t put them in the center of the marriage.)
  40. Have fun with your kids.
  41. Be creative with your kids.
  42. Teach them the value of money.
  43. Stand firm on biblical mandates, but be very careful with rules and convictions that are your own and not necessarily mandates from God.
  44. Love your child unconditionally. Don’t place stipulations on your love.
  45. Forgive, love and grant mercy the way God does it—generously.
  46. Allow your children to practice flying so that when they leave the nest they soar.
  47. Children view God the way they view their dad.
  48. Children will view the church the way they view their mom.
  49. Show your children how God views the church.
  50. The best gift a dad can give his children is to love their mother.