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Bible based fundamentals to help overcome anxiety.

  1. “We do what we do because we believe what we believe.”
  2. Most of the fears, worries and anxieties we have result from the lies we believe.
    1. Figure out what lies you believe.

      • If someone rejects me, I am unloveable…that’s a lie.
      • If I don’t have enough money, my world will fall apart…that’s a lie.
      • If I lose my spouse or children, my life is over…that’s a lie.
      • If my spouse or children don’t love me well, I will be destroyed…that’s a lie.
      • When I am not perfect, God does not love me as much…that’s a lie.
      • I must control everything or I may experience the unknown, which is bad…that’s a lie.
    2. Satan is the father of lies and he will use them to destroy you. God is a God of hope and truth and will give you peace and joy with any circumstance. Have big faith!
  3. After you sort out what lies you believe, counter them with God’s truth. Then run that through your mind over and over again. Replace the lies with truth!

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