Scripture Fundamentals for a solid marriage

Hope For Life Ministries bases their teachings on biblical scriptures and fundamentals

10 Rules to Have a Rock Solid Marriage

  1. Put your spouses needs above your own. (Eph. 5) Find out what speaks love to your spouse. Demonstrate love in the way they best receive it.
    1. Identify their love language. Is it physical touch, words of encouragement, time, communications, sex, gifts, acts of service, or communication.
    2. Consider their needs (love languages) as more important than your own.
  2. Husband be the leader—wife desire to be under that leadership. (Eph. 5)
    1. Husbands should provide an umbrella (leadership) that the wife wants to get under.
    2. Husbands should make your umbrella feel safe to get under.
    3. Wives should avoid being a porcupine under that umbrella.
  3. Husbands must cherish their wives. Wives must show respect and honor to their spouse. (Eph. 5)
    1. Husbands: Cherish her feeling and thoughts. Think about how your actions and words make her feel.
    2. Wives: Honor who your mate is and what he does as a leader and provider for the family.
  4. Become one with your spouse by dancing through life together. (Eph. 5)
    1. Communicate and grow together in your love as compared to two separate people doing your own dance around other things.
    2. Don’t let kids, work, friends, hobbies, housework or selfishness come before your spouse.
  5. Esteem one another. (Eph. 5)
    1. Treat your spouse like a precious flower or strong tree that needs your nurturing to grow.
  6. Validate your spouse’s feelings. (1 Pet. 3)
    1. Don’t give information, explanations or justifications!
    2. Validate, hear and understand your spouses side of things!
  7. Lose the battle to win the war. (1 Pet. 3)
    1. Let it go! It is not worth winning the fight but losing your marriage.
  8. Have fulfilling sex. (1 Cor. 7)
    1. Both of you need to find a way to make this happen. It is the super glue that holds you together. This is one thing that distinguishes you apart from anyone else.
  9. Spend quality time together. (1 Cor. 7)
    1. Spend time talking deeply, touching, smiling and encouraging each other.
  10. Keep God at the center of your marriage.
    1. Make your personal relationship with God a priority. Pray together